Contact Us. JuJu Catering will change the way you think about this lunchbox staple, as our sandwich catering comes with gourmet fillings and quality bread to satisfy every sandwich preference. The problem was, I’d only ever made ham and egg clubs, so I asked my newsletter readers to help me out. Tasty Tuna Salad 3 reviews . I do love a fun sandwich! Click & Collect or Nationwide Delivery for only £3.99. Sandwiches will never be boring again! Document Submission. Find out what type of sandwich to order for your next event, meeting or party to make it a tasty one! At Trenchers Catering we make sandwiches for around 70,000 people a year, and in our experience, the simpler the sandwich fillings are the better our customers enjoy them.. Vary your colour choice too as it will not only look beautiful, but it will also provide a nutritionally varied meal for your guests. Many of my personal favourites are already on there but I do also enjoy a cheese and celery spread, it's so easy to make. Marinated Meats & Panini Fillings. [CDATA[// >. Password. Thanks bunches for including us! Provide approximately one and a half sandwiches, two half wraps or one roll per person if catering for lunch. Ham, sundried tomato & reduced fat cream cheese. Do you ever get fed up of sandwiches? More. 2. Offer a variety of sandwiches, wraps and rolls on a platter. Find more coronation chicken recipes and try made over versions like our coronation pies. 1. This is to be used as a guide only. Welcome to Flavours Foods Ltd. Providing high quality products and exceptional service. DAIRY; … Try the following GREEN and AMBER combinations on your next catering platter. * = aim for three vegetable or salad ingredients. Save Pin. Learn more about the Healthy Choices guideliens for your food business with our FREE online training. Corporate. Mini Open Sandwiches Traffic Light Category – GREEN Makes 50 Ingredients • 2 long French bread sticks cut into 20-30 slices each Choose from a variety of toppings • Sliced egg on reduced fat mayonnaise, drizzle lightly with sweet chilli sauce and garnish with parsley • Wasabi mayonnaise, roast beef, shaved cucumber, topped with alfalfa • Curried egg, garnish with parsley
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